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Registrant Transfer (Change of Owner)

If you no longer require a domain name registration and choose to transfer ownership of a domain name to a different party then you will need to complete a Registrant Transfer. The process for this depends on the type of domain name.

To change the owner send us an email from a registered email address/contact, with the following details:

  • Domain name to be changed
  • Name and Address of the new owner
  • Contact Details of the new owner
  • Proof of Ownership
    • For domain names registered by an individual or partnership this should be photographic ID for the registered individual whose details we hold
    • For domain names registered by a Limited company this should be a copy of the company registration certificate
  • If you are acting as agent for the registered owner then we need proof of this status such as a court or legal document, or written consent from the registered owner. We will need to verify your status before we can accept any instructions from you.

Once we have the transfer request and we are happy that all is in order, we will process the change of ownership.

Please note that change of ownership requests can only come from the registered owner of the domain name. We cannot accept any request from any new owner until the above process has been completed.

Notice for UK Name

For UK names you should follow the above process so that we are aware of the change of ownership, however we cannot change the registered owner of uk name. This must be done by following Nominet's transfer process.