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Using WS-FTP with our servers

WS-FTP is a program that is used to manage the construction of your website. With it, you can upload and download files to and from your Virtual Server web space. Once it has been installed you need to configure it.

Once you start WS-FTP, you will be greeted with a screen which is not considered very helpful or user friendly to the ‘newbie’. However, although this screen may look complicated, it is very straightforward and simple to use once you are used to it.

Profile Name is just the reference name which WS-FTP remembers the profile by, and this can really be anything that you like.

Host Name / Address is probably the single most important item on this form. Enter your account's domain name ( This is so WS-FTP can locate your virtual server on the Internet.

Host Type is the type of server that you are working with. All our servers are UNIX based (Redhat 5.1) so this must be set to UNIX (standard)

Username & Password is the most obvious of details on the form. Please note that these details are case sensitive.

Once you have set up WS-FTP and clicked OK WS-FTP will display the directory structure on your virtual server on the right hand side and your local machine directory structure on the left. To upload files to your website you will need to change the directory on the remote system. Click the ChgDir button and enter "/web" in the window that appears, then click OK

Now you can transfer files to and from your virtual server by dragging files across or tagging files and using the arrow buttons in the FTP window.

Please make sure that when you transfer html files that you select the ASCII protocol, and when you transfer Binary/Image files that you use the Binary protocol.