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Setup Instructions

Email accounts can be access by POP or IMAP. With POP accounts email is downloaded from the server and then deleted immedicatly or after a set number of days. With IMAP all the email stays on the server and is accessable from multiple devices. With IMAP as you receive more mail the space in the mailbox is used up. You should ensure that you have sufficient mailbox space to keep receiving emails. If you have been using POP then do not switch to IMAP without talking to use about any possible issues.

Server Settings

Service Server Connection Type Authentication Port
Incoming Mail Server (POP)   Password 110
Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)   Password 143
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)   Password 25 or 587
Secure Incoming Mail Server (POP) SSL/TSL Password 995
Secure Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) SSL/TSL Password 993
Secure Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) SSL/TSL Password 465


Username: This is the username we have provided (usually your email address) or the one you may have changed to via the webmail interface.

Setup Instructions for Common Email Apps

Password: This is the password provided for the above username.

SMTP Authentication: SMTP Authentication must be enabled and use the same username and password.

Optional Webmail: You can use the webmail interface by going to

Mailbox Size: Either 1Gb or 10Gb depending on the package purchased.