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Selecting Images or Files

Selecting images or files

Some data blocks have fields that allow you to choose images or files.

  1. Locate the block in the data tree
  2. To select an image or file click Browse
  3. You now get a mini version of the file manager (See Below)
  4. Locate the image or file and click Select.

File Selector

The file selector is a popup version of the file manager which allows you to select files that have already been uploaded or to upload and then select a file.

This screen comprises 3 sections; the Folder Directory, the Folder Files and the Upload Box. From the left hand folders section you will see a list of folders and options to Add, Edit or Remove folders. To view what files are in a given folder, simply click the folder and the files will appear on the right.

Browser Support

We recommend using the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

If you are having problems logging in, then please ensure your are running the latest version of a supported browser and disable any browser plugin toolbars.

Selecting a file

  1. Choose the folder containing the file to be selected. If the file is not already uploaded use the instructions below to upload a file.
  2. From the right hand files list select the file
  3. Now choose Select File to return to the Edit window with this file selected.

Creating a Folder

  1. Click / (forward slash) at the top of the folders list
  2. Click New Folder below the list of folders
  3. Enter a name for the folder
  4. The folder will now appear on the in the list of folders

Uploading a file

  1. Choose the folder to upload to
  2. Now click Browse
  3. In the window that appears click all the files you wish to upload and then click Open
  4. The files will now start to upload
  5. Once finished the files will appear in the list on the right

View files as Thumbnails

  1. You can view files in the file manager as List or Preview just choose the required option above the list of files