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Edit Screen Archive

The CMS now allows you to archive elements. Depending on how the Publish templates are configured, this will influence the effect the archiving process has on the website.

Archiving an Element

  1. Locate the section where you wish to archive a data block in the data tree.
  2. To archive an element click the A to the right of the element to archive.
  3. The item will now go greay to indicate it is in the archive.
  4. Next time you view the Edit screen, archived elements will be hidden.
  5. To remove an item from the archive just click the A again next to the item.

Showing and Hiding Archived Elements

By default, archived elements are set to be hidden. You can change this by using the button at the top of the block list.

If it says Hiding Archived Elements, then click it to change to Showing archived Elements. Archived elments will now show in the block tree in grey.