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Product Info - Product Grouping

Within our system, a product and its variants are regarded as individual products. You may wish to display all these on a single product page. This is done using product grouping.

To group products, you need to set the following Product Attributes for each product. If you are adding new products, it is best to set the first one up correctly and then duplicate that setup for each product in the group and edit any relevant details.

Attribute Name What to Set

Product Group

This is a unique code for this group of products. Make sure each product in the group has the same code.
Example: Code123

Product Group Name

This is the generic name that we will display on the website as the product name.
For Example: If you have products called T-Shirt1 – blue, T-Shirt1 – red etc. then the Group name would be T-Shirt1

Product Group Label

This is a label by which this given product will be listed on the product page.
Using the above example, then, this would be Blue or Red (e.g. Group Name: T-Shirt1 > Group Label: Blue).

Product Group Order

This is a numerical field used to set the order in which products are displayed.

To produce the information on the product page, we use the details of the product that comes first in the group order. For optimum results, we recommend setting this product up first and then duplicating the process for each product in the group, and then editing any relevant details.