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Viewing an Order Receipt

Viewing an order

  1. From the list of orders, click the one you want to view and click View Order. To view orders marked Pending or Complete, use the drop-down on the right of the filters area to change the list of orders displayed.
  2. Click View Order in the controls area to display the details of the order.

Changing order status

All orders which 'arrive in the system have a status of New. You can change the status of an order to either Pending or Complete.

  1. Find the order in the list of orders. Click the column on the right for that order and change the status.
  2. Click Save in the controls

Bulk view orders and mark complete

  1. If you wish to view all new orders and mark them as complete at the same time click the View New Orders and mark as Complete
  2. The pop-up window will now display details of all the new orders. Use the Print option to print these out.
  3. When you close the window, the status of the orders will have been changed to Complete. Click Save to confirm this status change.