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Client Access Security Policy

At 3 Legs Ltd, we employ very strict security procedures to ensure that we only accept client instructions from someone authorised to provide them.

We will only accept instructions from:

  • A predefined named authorised person or persons or in the case of emails the Data Controller for the given business or organisation.
  • And a verifiable communication source that has been registered with us.
  • Alternatively, once we have obtained verification from an individual or source held on record with 3 Legs, clients may choose to register a password or passphrase with us which can be used in any communication as a form of verification.

Signed Authorisation

There are certain requests that will require signed authorisation before they can be actioned. These include access to passwords, changes to services and alterations to authorised persons.

Where an authorised person or the Data Controller are not available we may accept written signed authorisation from the CEO, Chairman or owner. This should include a statement indemnifying 3 Legs Ltd from any responsibility from the outcomes of the requested action or access to information. Where this involves personal data we require acknowledgement that this is being done without the Data Controllers consent. 

If you have a request that needs to be executed by a certain date then please contact us well in advance in order to ensure that any signed authorisation is completed in time.

Copies of Usernames & Passwords

At 3 Legs Ltd, we will only issue username and passwords or grant access to an email account or hosting package following authorisation by one of our approved methods.

We may also issue written copies of usernames and passwords to a fax number or address held on file.

We will NEVER issue usernames and passwords or accept instructions from an unknown individual without us first establishing this persons authority.