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File Formats

Files should only be uploaded using the following file types.

File Format File Type Notes
Photo .jpg .png Photos should be in one of these file types. The images themselves should be a maximum of 800 pixels wide.
Documents .pdf In order for users to be able to view documents they should be in a PDF format and optimised for web viewing.
Audio .mp3 Audio files should be in MP3 format and a maximum quality of 128kb/s Stereo.
Video .flv Video files are only acceptable in Flash Video format. Since video files are large, the size of the video should be limited to provide a good user experience. Below are the recommend video sizes.
4:3 Content – 360 x 270 pixels16:9 Content – 480 x 270 pixels


Please Note

It is vital that files are named correctly. Certain characters can cause problems, so all file names should meet the following requirements:

  • Only use lower-case letters, including the file extension
  • Only use letters (a-z) or numbers (0-9)
  • Don't use spaces: Use _ (underscore) instead
  • Don't use these characters:  ( ) < > / \ ? ' ; : - = + ” £ $ % ^ & * ! |