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Page Components

Page components are additional content elements that can be added to the general pages of a website. If these are enabled for your site you can add these to any Pgae block in a page or page panel.

  • Map

    Add a map to a page on your website to show your location.

  • Content Slider

    This is a series of HTML blocks that slide into position on top of one another. Each HTML block can include text and images. A single content slider includes 3 blocks as standard. Additional blocks can be added as required.

  • Information Panel

    These can contain descriptive information, an image and a price field, and are arranged as a series of panels on a page.

  • Information Boxes

    These are simply a series of boxes containing descriptive information, an image and a price field, which are arranged into a grid on a page.

  • Information Carousel

    This displays a series of images or html blocks in a scrolling list.

  • Information Tabs

    Are a series of HTML areas which can be expanded one at a time by the website user.

  • Tab Box

    This is is a series of HTML content areas with a tabbed index at the top.

  • Photo Gallery

    A responsive gallery that can be added to a page, featuring a series of thumbnail images, a main image and a popup slideshow gallery.

  • Item Boxes

    These are arranged into a grid on a website's page and can contain information including titles, images, descriptions and a price field.

  • Bullet Grid

    Information is organised in to a grid struture with each block having a bullet icon.


  • Icon Grid

    A grid of icons with a title, description and link.

  • Comment Box

    With a comment box you can highlight a specific bix of text within a page.

  • Plan Box

    A simple, effective and elegant way of presenting bundled plans to your customers.

  • Link List

    Display a series of links to documents or other websites in a simple multi-column list.

  • Box Scroller

    A series of infoboxes containing pictures and text, which scroll across the page in an order you select.

  • Box Grid

    A page of boxes which contain images or text, and which can be easily re-ordered by dragging-and-dropping within the CMS

  • Box Slider

    A series of boxes which are displayed one at a time containing images or text, or a mixture of both, which can be slid across the page by clicking on the arrows at the side of the box.