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Migrating your email to 3 Legs

Transferring your email mailboxes from one provider to another needs to be done in a coordinated manner in order to ensure that there is no interruption to email being received.

In order to facilitate a move, you will need:

  • Login details for all mailboxes (usernames and passwords)
  • Access to the DNS for your domain name

Transfer process

  1. Make changes to your DNS settings to reduce the transition time for chnages to the MX record.
  2. We will setup the new mailboxes
  3. Sync the mail from your current server to our server
  4. Change the MX record in your DNS to point to our Mail Server
  5. Carry out a second sync from the old server to our server

Once the transfer process has been complete you will need to configure your email applications to access the new mailboxes. Configuring your email client will depend on how you currently access your mailbox.

Mailbox access via IMAP

If you currently access your email by IMAP, all you need to do is change the server settings, username and password to the new details that we provide.

Mailbox access via POP

If you currently access your email via POP then we recommend that you switch to IMAP, as we will shortly be removing POP access to our mail server. Where POP is used, emails are downloaded from the mail server and stored locally on your computer. IMAP keeps messages stored on the mail server, meaning multiple devices are able to access the same mail. It is important that you take a backup of your POP mailbox before switching to IMAP.

To switch from POP to IMAP your will need to export your mail from the POP account you currently have. Set up the IMAP account and import mail into that account. Once the mail is imported, it will take some time for this to be synced back to the server.

If your mailbox is bigger than the standard 10GB, you will need to upgrade the mailbox size on our server. Please contact us about this.

IT Support

If you need assistance in moving your mailboxes from POP to IMAP, then our sister company Orvis ( can provide IT support services to carry this out for you.