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About Domain Names, Email & Hosting

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique name that is then linked via DNS entries to other services that make use of the domain name. These services include:

  •  Web hosting
  •  Email hosting

Once you have a domain name you need to choose a provider to provide the above services. These providers will then have certain settings that need to be made to the DNS for the domain name to be used with that service.

Click here for details of our domain name registration service.

Email Hosting

Email hosting is the provision of email mailboxes that use the domain name. These mailboxes have a set amount of server-based storage. Each mailbox will have a main email address and additional email alias can be added. If you wish different people to have their own email address that only they can access then you will need a mailbox per person.

Email hosting provider will have A and MX records that need to be set for the domain name.

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Web Hosting

Web hosting is where are website is located. These have a certain amount of storage space and data transfer. Some website hosting comes with a Build your Own Website service, our hosting does not. With our hosting you will need a website built by us. If you get a website built by someone else or use a website builder service, then you will need to obtain the relevant DNS A records to be set against the domain name if we are providing email hosting.

Click here for details of our web hosting and here for details of our website solutions

I wish you use another provider for Website and Email services.

If you only wish to register a domain name with us and wish to use another provider for the website and email services then we will need the Nameserver details to point the domain name at.