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Website Optimisation

Every website package from 3 Legs Ltd includes website optimisation. Website optimisation is how we ensure your site is made search engine friendly, so that it is able to be indexed correctly by the search engines. As we build a website, our designers and programmers ensure that there is nothing that prevents the search engines from indexing the website as it should. We also go further than this - we ensure that every page of the website has the following:

Page Title
This is the text that appears in the top of the browser window for each web page that you visit. It is also the text that the search engines will display when showing the page in the search results. It should include the main keywords and key phrases that the page is to be listed under.

Meta Keywords (where required)
This is a simple list of keywords and phrases that the given web page should be indexed under. These should be listed in order of importance.

Meta Description (where required)
This is a hidden description of the content of the web page. It should be relevant to the content of the page and include the main keywords and key phrases that you wish to have that page indexed under.

H1 Tag
The main heading on the web page should be in a H1 tag. This should contain the main keywords or phrases that the page is to be listed under.

Body Text
The first paragraph or two within a given web page is one of the most important areas for indexing that page. This should be relevant to the keywords and key phrases that you wish the page to be listed under. You should try to include the main keyword or key phrases several times within this text.

On the website itself we also ensure there are the following:

  • Text links from the main homepage of the website
  • A site map
  • Meta Keywords and Description
  • A Google Sitemaps XML file

Once the website is built and is live we will then submit the website to the major search engines and submit the Google Sitemaps file to Google for indexing.

Page Optimisation

In order to get your website listed under the correct keywords and phrases, you need to optimise the pages within your website. There are several different elements you need to look at in order to achieve this:

  • Include the most popular keywords in your website copy along with 'qualifiers'; either geographic or sector specific
  • Look for niche keywords or markets that others haven't yet found
  • Make sure the page title is relevant to the content on the page and to the keywords you are targeting
  • Include links from the body text from one page to another within your website