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Accessing your Facebook Business page

You can access and manage your Facebook Business page by using either a phone/table or PC.

Mobile Phone or Tablet

  1. Go to the Apple App store or Google Play store and search for the "Facebook Pages Manager" app from Facebook.
  2. Once installed Login with your Facebook login.
  3. You willnow see the pages that you are an admin for.

PC or Laptop

  1. Go to and login to your account.
  2. To switch to your business page click the link in shortcuts on the left hand menu or in the blue menu at the top click the downward pointing triangle on the right hand side, then click you page in the Your Pages section.
  3. You are now viewing Facebook as your business and any post you make will be to the business page and you can view messages for this page in the inbox section.
  4. To switch back to your personal page just click the Facebook icon in the top left.