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For sites that have the voucher system enabled you can create vouchers that users can apply to their basket during the checkout process. The basket only allows a single voucher to be applied to any basket. Below is a screenshot of the voucher screen.

The voucher screen is split into 4 sections. At the top you set the type of voucher, next you set what the terms of the voucher are and then the start and end dates. Finally you set the Code for the voucher and its basket description.

Types of Voucher

Currently there are 3 ways the voucher can apply.

  1. To A category
  2. To a single Product
  3. The whole order

Once you click one of these options the area to the right changes to the specific customisation for that option.


The next section allows you to set the discount to be applied. THis can be a fixed value or a percentage. You can set a minimum sped requirement or chose to only appliy the discount to the cheapest item. The final options is to add an item to the besket.

Dates & Code

Next you choose the start and end dates for the code, what the code is and if it should be applied before or after any postage charges.

Desplay Details

Finaly you can set the display name and description for this voucher which will be displayed in the checkout.


Once all this has been set you need to click the save option.