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Calendar Integration

First you need to integrate to the calendar services to be used to check availability.

  1. First setup a calendar for booking in the calendar service you wish to use (I.E., Google Calendar, CalDAV etc…)
  2. Go to and login.
  3. Choose Calendar Integrations in the meetings section of the side menu
  4. If this is the first integration, click the service to integrate and sign in.
  5. Tick the calendars to be checked.
  6. If you already have a calendar integrated and wish to add a new calendar, click Connect another account, choose the service and sign in.

Meeting Types

In order to take meeting bookings you need to create meeting types.

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Choose Meeting Types in the meetings section of the side menu
  3. Click Create Meeting Type
  4. Give the meeting a Name, Description and duration.
  5. In meeting link give this a unique name different to other meeting types you have setup
  6. Choose the Calendar where the meeting will be synced to and the Location for the meeting.
  7. Under Availability set the Days of the weeks and time ranges you are available.
  8. Under the other tabs you can set various other options. Customise these for this meeting type.
  9. Click Save

Adding to your website

The embed code to add to your website can be found by going to the embed code option in the menu. Either send us this code or you can added to the relevant page via our CMS if you have this option.

You can customise the appearance by clicking appearance in the side menu.