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Transferring your website to Us

If you wish to move your website to our servers, you will first need to check that it is compatible with our servers. Once you order one of our hosting packages we will set up our servers ready to accept your site.

Before transferring your website you will need to upload a copy of it to our servers and make sure that email accounts are set up for all the required email addresses. Once this is done, you are ready for the actual transfer of control to take place.

There are 2 different procedures that we can use, depending on how quickly you require the transfer to happen.

Standard Process

The standard process involves simply transferring the domain name to our control. This will take a minimum of a week depending on the server provider that currently looks after your name. Once we have control of the domain name we will make the final changes to it. For details about transferring your domain name to us please click here.

Managed Process

The quick transfer requires your current service provider to change the name server details. Once done, our server will take start serving your website and email over the next 24hrs. You can then proceed to transferring your domain name to us in due course. For details about transferring your domain name to us, please click here.

Please NoteYour current service provider will need to make changes and approve any transfer of domain name. Service providers should only take instructions from you as the owner of the domain name. We cannot transfer a website or domain name to us without the co-operation of your current service provider.