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Accessing Mailboxes with multiple devices

The mailboxes we provide with our web based hosting are 1Gb or 10Gb mailboxes that can be used as POP3 or IMAP. If you require a larger mailbox then please contact us about a mailbox upgrade.

Accessing email across multiple devices is best done using IMAP. With IMAP all received and sent email is stored on the server. You therefore need to have sufficient space in the IMAP mailbox.

Setting up multiple device access using IMAP

To access your email across multiple devices using IMAP simply setup your email account on each device using the IMAP server settings. Email will now be stored on the server and accessable for each device. All devices must be using IMAP.

Converting from POP3 to IMAP
If you wish to convert from using POP3 to IMAP you will need to export your email from the email client configured as POP3. Delete the account and then add it again as IMAP. Now import your email back into your email client. This email will then be synced back up to the server. Please ensure that your mailbox is big enough before doing this. You should also ensure you have a suitable backup of your mailbox before deleting any account. 

Setting up multiple device access using POP3

This is not the best option for multi-device support.

  1. First set up a primary device for managing the mail account. This should be a desktop or laptop using a POP3 email client such as MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Opera Mail and the mail account should be set as POP3 not IMAP.
  2. On this primary device, configure the settings to leave a copy of the mail on the server for 7 days. This will leave a copy of mail in the inbox in email account. Any email older than 7 days will then be deleted and the copy of the email on the primary device will then be the only copy.
  3. Now set up any secondary devices to access the mail account. These devices will see any mail from the past 7 days that is still on the server.

Please Note
Only email from the past 7 days will be available on the secondary devices. Any sent mail will not be synced across devices when using POP3.