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3Legs CMS

Every website where we deploy our content management technology will use our web based CMS interface which has three main sections. The links below provide an overview of how these sections work.


To login to the CMS please click the link below and use the username and password we provided.

CMS Login


Our content management system is seperated into 3 sections.The  Edit Screen, the File Manager and Publish.

File Manager

Before you can use any image or file (such as a PDF) in your website you first need to upload thes into our system. The file manager allows you to create folders and upload files into these folders. You will need to prepare and name files before you uplaod them into our system. Images straight from a digital camera are large files. You should first resize these images before uploading them into the file manager.

Edit Screen

The edit screen is where you edit the details of the different pages of youe website or manage data for one of our Pre-defined our custom modules.


Once you have made changes you then need to publish the changes to your website.

Browser Support

We recommend using either the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

If you are having problems logging in then please ensure your are running the latest version of a supported browser and disable any browser plugin toolbars. Internet Explorer is not fully compatible with our system.