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In order to help you with MailChimp we need you to give us Agency access to the account.

Let us know the email address connected with your MailChimp Account. We will then submit a connection request.

Accepting a connection request

  1. In your email client, open the agency access request email.
  2. Click View Request.
  3. Log in to the Mailchimp account you want the agency or freelancer to access.
  4. Choose a maximum level of access for the entire agency. We will need manager or author level access.

Domain Verification and Authentication

In order to be able to send email via MailChimp, you will need to verify you own the domain name and then authenticate that name.

Verifying a name

This process requires that you have an email address for that domain name and enter the code that will be emailed to you.

To verify your domain, log in to Mailchimp. Go to Account -> Settings -> Domains, then click on the Verify Domain. Alternatively, click the Add & Verify Domain button to add a new name.

Authenticate a Domain Name.

Once you have verified a domain name, you need to add SPF, DKIM and DMAC entries to your DNS.

Simply click the Start Verification button and choose your DNS provider for instructions. If 3 Legs is the DNS provider, please first contact us, and we will add the required entries.

Keep clicking next through the process until verification is complete.

A summary of the entries required are:


Add to the SPF record


Add the following, replacing with the relevant domain name

Record Type










Make sure your domain has a DMAC policy using _dmarc as the host.