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Using Social Networks

Social networks can be used in two main ways for your business.

1) Social Presence

By maintaining a social presence, you have accounts with the social network (such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and can use them to publish content linking back to your site.  You can encourage people to follow you on these social networks so that, as you publish content, it is pushed out to your followers.

If you use both Twitter and Facebook Pages, you might consider linking these two accounts. This allows you to publish the information on one of the services only and have it automatically pushed to the other. This can be easily set up through the ‘Settings’ menus of Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively, you can use a service such as Hootsuite ( which can publish to both platforms.

If you have our news module on your site then we create a RSS feed. You can then use a service such as TwiiterFeed ( to pull content from this RSS Feed and publish it to your Twitter A/C or Facebook Page.

2) Social Sharing

Social sharing is achieved by means of links on your web pages which allow users to easily share the page with their own followers across a variety of social networks. These links can be easily set up using a service such as AddThis (