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The main compose window looks like this

Sending an Email

  1. Click Compose in the side menu 
  2. The email compose window will be displayed. Enter the details of who you wish to send the email to, the subject and the message.
  3. If you want to pick an email address from the webmail address book click  icon on the to line,
  4. Here you will see the contacts saved to the webmail address book by clicking on "Personal Addresses", now click the contact you wish to send to. Do not send to multiple contacts in the to field.
  5. To send to more than one person choose to add a cc or bcc field. Click the icon on the to field and choose BCC or CC from the dropdown menu.
  6. With these added you can use the same address book icon to select the contacts or contact groups to send the email to.
  7. You can attach files by clicking the attach icon in the top menu A black and white logoDescription automatically generated or by using the drag and drop area on the page.
  8. Once you are ready click to send the email.