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This is where you view your email. The window looks like 

The first column is you mail folders, the second column shows the messages in the given folder and the final column shows the selected message.

Viewing your Messages

  1. Click mail in the menu to see your email A white and black mail iconDescription automatically generated with medium confidence
  2. Click the folder to view on the left
    A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated
  3. Then a list of messages appears in the next column and finally the message you select appears in the final column
  4. You can reply, forward or delete the email using the icons at the top of the message window


Adding Folders

  1. You can add additional folder by going to settings in the side menu 
  2. From the settings menu click folders
  3. Click the create icon in the iconbar on the top right 
  4. Give the folder a name and choose if it has a parent folder. I.e. if the folder should eb a sub fodler of inbox then choose Inbox.
  5. The click Save 

Moving emails to a folder

  1. To move an email to a folder simple go the folder the contains the email, ie. Inbox.
  2. Click and hold on the message in the list of message
  3. Drag and Drop the email on the folder you wish to move it to