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The contacts screen is where you will see your webmail addressbook and any contact groups. This looks like

The first colum shows the addressbok and any contact groups, the second the list of contacts and the final column the details of the contact.

Viewing Contacts

  1. click the contacts icon on the side menu 
  2. In the first column click either the Personal Address book or a Contact Group if created.
  3. You will now see a list of contacts in the second column. 
  4. Click the contact to view in second column and their details appear in the final column.
  5. To edit the contact click the edit icon 

Adding  a contact

  1. Add a contact first click the Personal Addresses on the addressbook list
  2. Now click create in the contact details edit column 
  3. Enter the details and then click Save 

Creating a Contacts Group

  1. From the Groups Column Heaing click the 3 dots to open the menu
  2. From the menu choose add group
  3. Name the Group and click Save
  4. The Group will now appear in the addressbook list and groups

Adding a contact to a Group

  1. To add a contact to a group go the the full list of contacts 
  2. Find the contact you wish to add
  3. Click it and hold the mouse button 
  4. Now drag the contact to the group in the Groups List and release
  5. This adds that contact to the group